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Tuesday, 12 August 2014 02:50

Roller Derby (Skate NSW Inc / Skate Australia)

Roller Derby is a contact sport played predominantly by women, with competitions referred to as bouts. 

Bouts involve two opposing teams each with blockers and jammers and the aim of the game is to score

more points than the opposing team's jammer by lapping the other team on the track, proving to be a

very exciting spectator sport!

Additional Information

  • Type/Category: Sports
  • Website: http://www.skatensw.org.au/
  • Street Address: 11 Cluster Place
  • Suburb: Cranebrook
  • State: NSW
  • Postcode: 2749
  • Phone Number: 02 4730 1241

Roller Derby (Skate NSW Inc / Skate Australia)

11 Cluster Place
Cranebrook, New South Wales.
Australia ,2749