Promoting the rights of people with disability, who require a companion, to fair ticketing at events and venues

Who is Companion Card for?

The Companion Card is issued to people who have a significant, lifelong need for high level of care to participate in community based activities. The Companion Card allows a person’s carer free entry into participating venues and events.

What is Companion Card?

The Companion Card survey results are in - card holders are delighted!

In a recent survey conducted on NSW Companion Card cardholders, over 70% of the people we spoke to use their card weekly or monthly!

A sample from our 24,000 card holders told us they accessed preferred venues and the overall consensus was that cardholders are delighted with the card’s ease of use and immediate recognition at ticketed events and venues.

“It certainly provides a lot more options. . .” Card holder for 18 months.

Movies, theatre, live shows and sporting events were popular with most cardholders.

Travelling with carers on public transport is an issue our cardholders told us was helped by the card.

“It has allowed carers to take him to more places as they don’t incur cost. . . ” New card holder.

Thousands of venues and ticketed events across NSW accept Companion Card and we are always sourcing new affiliates. The NSW card is readily accepted in other states as long as venues/events are affiliated with the program in their home state.

“It’s very good, saves me money. . . ” Card holder of four years.

Of the sample contacted, 95% of the cardholders surveyed reported a strongly positive response when asked if they found the card improved their ability to participate in community events.

“I have had no problems pre ordering and picking up tickets. . . ” Three years using Companion Card.

Most concerts staged by the bigger overseas touring artists will accept Companion Card with the two major ticketing agencies catering to special needs bookings. Dedicated special needs ticketing lines can be used to purchase tickets and cardholders must quote the card number and expiry date when ordering complimentary carer tickets.

“Absolutely yes, couldn’t afford outings without it. . .” Cardholder since 2009.

Overwhelmingly, our research has affirmed the effectiveness of NSW Companion Card as a useful resource for people with a disability attending community events and travelling with carers.